Couldn't have found a better attorney

I had a federal drug case and was appointed Mr. Clifton. Initially, I had no idea what to expect from him but I quickly found out. Mr. Clifton never got overwhelmed with the case nor did he ever let me get overwhelmed. Anytime I needed to know how or why something worked the way it did he was always there to inform me.

Mr. Clifton always made sure to let me know I was in control of any decision that took place on our end and never tried to force or persuade me to do anything. He was always 100% honest and never made me feel like he was judging me. I trusted this man with my life and he did not make me regret it.

His detailed attention to my case was needed and greatly appreciated. It's times that I not only felt he was my lawyer but also my friend. I'd recommend Doug to anyone I know that needs an attorney because I know him helping you means just as much to him as it does you. Trust Doug Clifton you will be glad you did.

I was sentenced to time served and 5 years supervised release with Mr. Clifton as my council. No cooperation took place just mitigating factors and Doug hard at work. I've discovered that the verdict I got was normally unheard of in a federal drug conspiracy case but this 100% happened. I can't thank Mr. Clifton enough. I now almost feel like I owe him one.