When You Are Facing Federal Charges in Northeast Florida, the Clifton Law Office Has the Experience You Need Behind You

The consequences of a federal criminal charge can be devastating to your future. A conviction can affect your career, your ability to own a home, and can tear your family apart. Whether you are facing a fraud or drug charge, you need a defense attorney with courtroom experience and a commitment to defending your rights. With years of experience as a public defender and defense attorney in private practice, I will listen to your story and launch the best possible defense to protect your future.

Accepting Federal Criminal Defense Cases

As a defense attorney, I have litigated criminal charges ranging from traffic offenses to homicide charges. In my practice now, I focus on defending the following kinds of federal criminal charges:

  • Federal drug charges. If you are facing a federal drug charge, you need a litigator with experience in federal court. I have defended those accused of possession or distribution of large quantities of illegal substances and those who are charged with crossing state lines with drugs. These are serious charges and you need a serious defender. Call as soon as possible after an arrest to discuss your case.
  • Federal fraud charges. Federal charges are life altering and the power of the federal government can be overwhelming. Tell me your story and I will let you know if I can help.

You may be wrongly accused or you may have made the worst mistake of your life—either way, as your defense attorney, I will treat you with the respect and compassion you deserve as I fight for the best possible outcome for your case.

I Understand That We All Make Mistakes

With years of experience defending those accused of crimes, I understand that behind every charge is a person with a family and hopes and dreams for the future. I also understand that everyone has rights under the law to be treated fairly by law enforcement and the courts. When I take a criminal defense client, I am committed to the following:

  • Hearing your story. I don’t just read the arrest report and go through the motions to defend the client. I want to hear your story. I take the time to listen to my client’s version of events and I create a defense based on that, not on what the police claim.
  • Defending your rights. Even the guilty have rights during an arrest, while being held in jail, and in the courtroom, and I am committed to ensuring that those rights have been upheld throughout the process.
  • Communication. The legal process can be slow and painful, but I promise to stay in constant contact with you and to communicate with you about every aspect of the case. I will not leave you hanging or wondering what is happening.

You Can’t Go Wrong With the Clifton Law Office

When you are facing the most serious challenge of your life, don’t you want an attorney who will be by your side from the beginning? Call me today to discuss your case and get started on a defense. You will be glad you did.