Why is the Offer From the Insurance Company So Low?

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It can be extremely frustrating and can feel like a personal attack when you are injured in an accident and the other drivers insurance company makes an extremely low offer. The accident wasn't your fault and you feel you were injured and deserve some justice, so what gives? 

There are numerous reasons why an insurance company may make a low offer on your claim. Many depending on the facts and circumstances of your claim. However, there are some basics that may help you better understand the process. 

Insurance Companies Don't Want To Pay Money

First and foremost, insurance companies are not in the business of paying out money. They make money every year by denying claims and paying out low settlements. No matter how nice their commercials or slogans are, they are not concerned with right or wrong, they are concerned with the bottom line and being financially successful. 

I have heard people say that they would not sue their own insurance company because they have been good to them. This is crazy talk. If you are injured and you have underinsured coverage, you should certainly consider pursuing a claim against your policy for the injuries you have suffered. 

Lack of Medical Treatment

Another issue that arises often is the lack of medical treatment in a case. If you are injured you will need to seek medical help and continue treatment. One or two visits to a doctor and then months of nothing does not build a strong case in your favor. Now, going to the doctor for no reason, only to try to claim and injury and get a larger settlement, will also not work. Your attorney will be getting all records and at some point those records may be shared with the insurance adjuster for the other driver. 

Injury Cases Involving Pain

Often is cases where there is not visible injuries, the insurance company will provide a low offer. What I mean by this, is obviously if you have broken bones, lacerations, permanent disfiguration, it is easier to point to an injury and demand a larger settlement. However, often people do not have these injuries. Their MRI may not have stated anything significant. 
There is nothing to point at and say "see, see that injury". Often times people just have pain. Pain when they sleep, pain when they work, pain when they drive, walk, stand, sit. Pain that keeps them from doing things they once loved doing. 

In these cases, an insurance company may just label it a soft tissue injury and provide a low offer. There is nothing objective for them to see, so they dismiss complaints of pain as people trying to get money. 

But pain is real. 

So going to a pain management doctor may be the best thing for you. Seeing a professional who can provide injections, medications, physical therapy or a number of other treatments may just be the answer to getting rid of your pain. It may also provide your attorney with treatment he can point to while negotiating with an insurance adjuster. 

Going to Trial

Sometimes, even in cases where injuries are obvious, the damages are large and treatment is well documented, an insurance company will still come back with an unrealistic offer. These cases are why trials exists. 

If the insurance company wants to play games with your future and then you take them to trial. 

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