How Much Federal Prison Time Will I Actually Serve?

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Days Actually Served in a Federal Prison Sentence

Without getting into all the things that may influence how much time is actually served on a federal prison sentence, I am providing a quick equation a person can use and a recent Good Time Credit chart. 

Every client I have had who was facing prison, was trying to calculate exactly how long a sentence may be. It obviously helps when trying to decide on a plea deal or not. It can be useful in trying to prepare for the inevitable. Unfortunately prison is a reality in the criminal justice system.

Good Time Credit Chart

This LINK will lead you to a Good Time Credit Chart. 

You can also use the following equation to calculate:  (# months sentence) x (30.5, a split between 30 and 31 days months – don’t even try to think about Februarys – inmate will be happy if they get out a few days earlier than predicted) x .85 = # days to serve with Good Time Credit

Next, once you have the number of days to serve, use this website, 2d table down to add the number of days to the arrest date to come up with the estimated release date.

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