Why File a Civil Lawsuit for Rape in Jacksonville, Florida?

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Why File a Civil Lawsuit for Rape in Jacksonville, Florida?

Everybody knows that a criminal case may result from a rape or sexual molestation. The criminal may be charged with a crime and hopefully put away in prison. However, a criminal case does not always happen. There is another option for a survivor; you can pursue a civil lawsuit and seek the justice you deserve. 

Through my research on protecting the rights of rape survivors and other crime victims, I came across some great info from The National Crime Victims Bar Association. Below is a list of benefits they compiled for a survivor to consider when seeking a civil lawsuit. 

Benefits of a Civil Case for Rape in Jacksonville, Florida 

  • Control of the Case - Survivors have greater control in a civil suit than in a criminal case because they are a party to the civil case, cannot be excluded from the courtroom, and have final approval of settlement proposals.
  • Compensation - Civil actions can provide compensation for survivors fro the monetary damages they suffered, such as medical expenses or lost income. Civil actions can also compensate victims for the emotional damage they have suffered. 
  • Justice and Accountability - Civil suits can hold offenders directly  accountable to survivors. These suits give survivors their "day in court," regardless of whether there was a criminal conviction or any prosecution at all. 
  • Crime Prevention - In addition to suing criminals , survivors can often sue other responsible parties. Civil actions provide economic incentives for crime prevention. Businesses such as hotels, apartments, and shopping centers sometimes fail to enact proper security measures because they view such expenses as unnecessary. When businesses are held accountable for safety lapses, proper security becomes cheaper than the cost of defending lawsuits. Crime victims' civil suits have resulted in increased security protection in public places, better oversight and supervision of daycare facilities, and countless other improvements. 

The healing process will take many stages and not everyone is prepared for the stress of a civil lawsuit. Make sure you seek help at one of the numerous organizations here in Jacksonville, including The Women's Center

If You Have Questions Regarding Your Rights as a Survivor of Rape or Sexual Abuse

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