Small Injuries can Have a Big Impact

Small Injury, Big Impact.

Often times after a car accident, slip and fall or other negligent act, focus can be on whether there was a significant injury. Most people would understand how the loss of a limb, severe scaring, broken bones and permanent disability will affect a persons life. However, what about the small injuries, that may not be as visilbe or understood just by their very nature. 

Almost a year ago I hurt my shoulders, through exercise and skateboarding. I don't have anyone to blame but myself for my injuries. I have seen two separate doctors and I have had x-rays done. Neither doctor sees anything wrong and has told me to continue with lightweight exercise and it should heal. I have also received several cortisone shots. 

I have followed the advise of both doctors, continue to watch my activities, do light exercise and try to aggravate my shoulders. However, I still have pain everyday. I'm obviously going to go back to the doctor and see about a possible MRI to rule out any tearing or further damage.

What I have is common among people who have been injured in a car accident or due to another's negligence. The injury is not always so bad that no one could argue against it. Sometimes it is hard to diagnose or difficult to explain. Sometimes you just have pain and it is affecting you everyday. I have adjusted many of the normal things I do all day. Little things like washing my hair or reaching out to grab a glass off the table can cause shooting pain down my arms. It hurts to lift up my children. It hurts to throw a football or baseball with my sons. I can obviously work and my life is not ruined, but I am in pain and I cannot do some of the little things I did before. 

Every injury is important to the injured person. You can help yourself and your case by documenting the things that cause you pain. Keep a journal you can write in daily and say what hurt that day, what activities were you not able to do and what did you maybe miss out on. 

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