Making Connections in Life and Career

Making Connections in Life and Career 

I was reminded again today of the importance of making connections in your life and career. After a recent hearing I had, a young law student working for the judge asked if he could speak with me sometime and ask me questions. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to share my vast knowledge of everything and let my ego get a recharge.

Sitting at lunch, I was quickly reminded of my self at that age, reaching out to attorneys and hoping to just get a little feedback. I was impressed this young man was looking for answers to his career and life and took the initiative to make a connection. I'm sure he walked away from our meeting thinking that if this guy can be a lawyer, I'll be just fine. 

I, on the other hand, was left to remember the bits of advice I gathered over the years that I still reach back to when necessary. An old boss teaching me to enjoy "stirring things up". Being told to talk to my clients face to face and treat them with respect (even if they have done unrespectable things). The confidence I gained when an old boss threw a murder case my way without even asking, he just trusted I could handle it; and I did. There are several attorneys I go to for questions; and their advice and guidance is invaluable. 

I was recently standing in the hall way of the federal courthouse and I introduced myself to an attorney I hadn't known. Found out he has some great ideas on expanding his practice in other states. A little nugget of knowledge gained by just saying hello. 

As a young professional (I'm 40, so not really young any more), it is necessary that you get out a meet people. Go to lunch, pick peoples brains and just make connections. Obviously, it can help your career. Most importantly though, is you never know what could come about. Will that person lead to a great case referral? Will that person become a close friend or adviser? Will the person share some knowledge that solves a problem in your life or business? Will they share a fishing tip? Will they take home the never used ragged old surf board rotting away in your garage? Simple conversation over a sandwich can go a long way. 

I am going to start a new goal for myself and try to meet at least 2-3 people a month for lunch. People I either do not know or only know in passing. It's an easy goal that shouldn't interrupt my practice or my work. A goal that I should have no excuse not to accomplish. 

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