It's Stressful Finding an Attorney.

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Choosing an Attorney in Jacksonville, Florida

I was recently talking to a friend about them trying to find a therapist. They were searching Google and reading reviews and watching videos and basically running the gambit of the internet. The search sounded a lot like what I have heard about trying to find an attorney. If you have a friend or loved one that you trust and they can refer someone, the burden on you and the stress can be lifted rather quickly. However, not everyone has a connection to an attorney and most people find them selves on internet trying to find someone they can trust. 

You are not alone in your worries. Many people are afraid of choosing the wrong attorney. They often wonder what if their attorney is doing everything that can be done, what if they would be getting a better result if they had just looked longer, does their attorney really care about their case and are they able to get another attorney if they made a bad choice? 

The hiring of an attorney can be a big financial investment and making a choice you will be happy with will depend on so many factors. You want an attorney you can trust, someone that you can talk to, will provide you with the information you need, will be available to answer questions, knows what he/she is doing and so many other personal factors that people look for. 

You already have the stress of an injury, doctors appointments, bills, family and just life in general and now you have to take on finding someone you can trust will do what is right by you. 

The Good News in Choosing an Attorney

The choice of an attorney is yours. In a personal injury case, the attorney is almost always paid on a contingency basis, this means that you do not need to pay any money up front and if the attorney recovers any money on your behalf, then they will take a percentage as payment. So now the money issue can be a little less stressful. 

But how do I know if I will like the attorney? So you found a website you like and/or read some good reviews online and now you are curious about what the attorney is really like. The majority of attorneys in Jacksonville will offer you a free consultation. Take advantage of it and go meet with the attorney in person. Ask him/her questions, talk to them and get to know their personality. I can tell pretty quickly if I'm going to get along with a potential client, I have no doubt they are sizing me up in the same manner. The free consultation is a great tool for the client to use, you can see as many attorneys as you like before you make the choice of who you are really comfortable with. 

Advice on Choosing an Attorney

The choice of attorney should not be based solely on advertisements and websites. Be sure to speak with the attorney, in person if you can. If the attorney guarantees an outcome, you probably want to be weary. No one can tell the future and a legal case can have many twists and turns before it is resolved. Make sure you understand how your case will progress, what is expected of you, what the attorney will do, how long it may take and what possible options are available to resolve your case. An attorney may not be able to answer every question you have in an initial evaluation, obviously some information will be unknown (and again, no one tell the future), however, you should be able to gauge whether you feel comfortable with the attorney and want to hire them. 

What If You Choose the Wrong Attorney? 

You will always have the right to hire and fire any attorney. If you are not happy with your choice you can always look for another attorney, be aware though that you may owe your previous attorney a percentage of any settlement because of the work they have already done on your case. Obviously, you can't fire an attorney after they have worked on your case for a year and not have to pay them anything. This of course will be worked out by your new attorney and will be dependent upon recovering money in your case. 

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