Intentional Torts in Florida

Kid punching another off a trampoline

Intential Torts in Florida 

Many personal injury cases arise out of the negligent acts of another person, whether it be through failing to fix a step in a public building, driving a car like a jerk or a store not cleaning up a known puddle. However, what happens when a person intends to hurt another, is the victim able to seek justice in a personal injury case? 

Florida does allow for a victim of an intentional act to seek justice

Common Intentional Torts in Florida

  • Battery: An unwanted touching. Often punching, kicking, biting or using objects likes bats, knives or guns. 
  • Assault: A threat to injure someone, without actual touching. 
  • False imprisonment: Restricting another person’s movement against their will, with two exceptions: police privilege and shopkeeper’s privilege.
  • Intentional infliction of emotional distress: Engaging in outrageous or extreme conduct with the intent to cause the plaintiff to suffer severe emotional distress, or recklessness as the effect of the defendant’s conduct
  • Defamation: A false statement of fact, communicated to a third party, which is meant to hurt the plaintiff’s reputation or economic well-being.
  • Trespass: Using someone’s land or personal property without permission.
  • Conversion: Theft or stealing.

What Needs To Be Proven

  • An act by the defendant: A purposeful movement by the defendant.
  • Intent: Requires either that the actor’s goal is to bring about the consequences of their action or the actor knows with substantial certainty that their action would bring about certain consequences.
  • Causation: Action must have been a direct cause of the injury or a substantial factor. 

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