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On my 9th birthday, I spent the day at a golf course. After time at
the pool and a golf lesson, my brothers and I went to the closed
driving range to run around. All was fine until an employee,
for whatever reason, threw a golf ball in our direction. It hit me
directly in my left eye. The immediate pain and rushing blood is
a feeling I will never forget. I remember sitting in the passenger
seat of my mom’s car and looking at myself in the rearview
mirror. I looked at my reflection and saw my face covered in
blood and tears. I was scared. I held a towel over my eye to try
to stop the bleeding.

I had very vivid memories of this experience recently when
my son fell off his skateboard at the park. The skin above his
left eye split wide open, like you would see in a boxing match.
As I rushed him to the ER for stitches, he was sitting in the
car with a shirt held to his wound and blood covering his face.
Fortunately for my son, he will have only a small scar and a
cool skateboarding story. However, my injury was not as easily

The golf ball, in a freak way, landed perfectly in my eye and
caused permanent nerve damage. If it had been just a hair to the
left or right, I would just have had a black eye and a cool scar.
Instead, I had to spend a week in the hospital, waking up every
few hours to take medication and let the doctors check my eye.
Now, I am legally blind in my left eye, and there is no way to
correct the damage. We sued the golf course, but there were
issues with liability. The course claimed that one of my brothers
threw the ball. I was questioned during a deposition, and can
remember sitting at a large table with the golf course’s lawyers
on one side and me on the other with my lawyer and parents.
My lawyer was a family friend and, as just a child, I felt less
scared knowing he was there. I don’t remember the details of
the deposition, but I remember getting reassured that I did well.
After years of litigation, my case was settled prior to trial. I wasn’t
awarded a huge amount of money, but my lawyer and parents
agreed that the chance of winning at trial was outweighed by
the certainty of securing a settlement.

A lawsuit can be stressful for anyone. Your word and memories
are questioned and your intentions are attacked. There are
many moving parts, and both sides will be aggressive to gain
the upper hand.

As I reflect on my experience, I am incredibly thankful for the
support of my family and my lawyer. I am certain that my own
experience is one of the main reasons I gravitated towards a
personal injury practice, an area of law where I can help others
and work to make sure they are not taken advantage of by an
often more powerful system of insurance companies and other
large companies.

Although it felt like the worst thing in the world at the time, my
story is minor compared to what others have to go through. My
injury did not stop me from doing anything I truly loved. My life
was not knocked off course because I couldn't hit a baseball or
be a fighter pilot. I was knocked around once or twice because
I couldn't see a punch coming from my left side, but it’s best to
avoid fist fights anyway.

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