Duval County Motor Vehicle Crash Statistics

Stay Safe in Our Growing City

Anyone driving around Jacksonville will notice the ever increasing amount of cars on the road. Every exit off of JTB is surrounded by new construction of condos and apartments. I'm all for more jobs, more people and a growing economy for Jacksonville. I came here from Pennsylvania nearly 15 years ago and can't imagine living anywhere else. 

With more people moving here, there will be more cars on the road. Safety is always important as we all share the roads in Jacksonville. Pay attention, don't be distracted and make it home safely. 

Below are some law enforcement statistics for motor vehicle crashes here in Duval County in 2017.  

Duval County Motor Vehicle Crash Statistics

  • Total Crashes:  24,685
  • Injury Crashes:  10,164
  • Total Injuries:  14,833
  • Crashes with Traffic Fatalities:  145
  • Total Traffic Fatalities:  149
  • Commercial Vehicle Crashes:  2,760
  • Commercial Vehicles:  2,982
  • Property Damage Crashes:  14,376
  • Pedestrian Crashes:  487
  • Pedestrian Fatalities:  43
  • Bicycle Crashes:  292
  • Bicycle Fatalities:  4

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