Cool Technology Makes Safer Cars

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Driver Assistance Technologies are Making Cars Safer...and Very Cool. 

This past year I had to finally give up my 2004 Nissan Pathfinder. This car traveled many of miles up and down the east coast and had the dents and scratches of true character all over it's body. Part of the roof rack had been rip off by myself while on a trip to Erie, PA; after hours of constant banging on the roof of the car from a loose piece that I couldn't find, I simply ripped off whatever I could in order to feel better about the situation. However frustrating the car was, I loved it and it was full of memories, however it stopped starting and the AC broke and repairs began to be more than the car was worth, it was finally time for me to get a new car. 

Shopping for a new car is a pain, but made much simpler these days by the internet. Because I got a new car, I was able to get a few newer technologies, while also sacrificing dated features like my tape deck. 

Obviously, the more tech you want the more expensive the car. For me, I had to stay within a reasonable budget so I couldn't get the full out coolest new technology, but if you have the money, it may be something to consider. 

Study By The National Highway Traffic Safety Association 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) recently released a study which shows that among all passenger vehicle (passenger cars, SUVs, pickup trucks or vans)  occupants involved in a fatal crash, the proportion who were fatally injured increases with vehicle age, i.e., the proportion was higher among occupants of older vehicles as compared to the occupants of newer vehicles. 

NHTSA has also put together a buyers guide with information on driver assistance technologies, including the following list. 

Available Driver Assistance Technologies

  • Rear Automatic Braking Applies your vehicle’s brakes for you to prevent a rear collision when backing up.
  • Backup Camera Provides you with a clear view directly behind your vehicle.
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert Warns you of a potential rear collision that may be outside the view of your backup camera.
  • Assisting With Backing Up & Parking Traffic Jam Assist Automatically accelerates and brakes your vehicle along with the flow of traffic, and keeps your vehicle between lane markings — even curves.
  • Highway Pilot Maintains your vehicle’s lane position and a determined following distance from the vehicle in front by automatically accelerating and braking as needed.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control Automatically adjusts your vehicle’s speed to maintain a set following distance from the vehicle in front.
  • Maintaining Safe Distance Preventing Forward Collisions Forward Collision Warning Detects and warns you of a potential forward collision.
  • Automatic Emergency Braking Applies the brakes for you if a forward collision with another vehicle is imminent.
  • Pedestrian Automatic Emergency Braking Detects, warns and applies the brakes for you if a person is about to cross in front of your vehicle.
  • Adaptive Lighting Automatically adjusts your headlights, including lower beams when another vehicle approaches, and back to higher beams after it passes you.
  • Navigating Lanes Safely Lane Departure Warning Detects and warns that your vehicle is drifting over the lane markings.
  • Lane Keeping Assist Automatically steers your vehicle back into its lane if you drift over lane markings.
  • Blind Spot Detection Warns you of a vehicle in your blind spot.
  • Lane Centering Assist Provides continual steering to keep your vehicle centered in its lane.

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