4 Ways An Attorney Can Help After An Injury

4 Ways An Attorney Can Help After An Injury

To hire or not to hire, that is the question. The choice of an attorney is yours. The main objection people have to hiring an attorney is the thought that it is too expensive, but in a personal injury case, the attorney is almost always paid on a contingency basis. This means that you do not need to pay any money up front. If the attorney recovers any money on your behalf, then and only then will they take a percentage as payment. So, now the money issue can be a little less stressful. 

Free Attorney Consultation in Jacksonville, Florida

The majority of attorneys in Jacksonville will offer you a free consultation. Take advantage of it. Go meet with the attorney in person. Ask him/her questions, talk to them and get to know their personality. I can tell pretty quickly if I'm going to get along with a potential client and I have no doubt that they are sizing me up in the same manner. The free consultation is a great tool for the client to use. You can see as many attorneys as you like before you make the choice of who you are comfortable with. 

4 Ways Clifton Law Office Can Help

You are never required to hire an attorney to represent you; however, an attorney can greatly help you in your recovery. From the minute you call the Clifton Law Office, I will take over the case, allowing you to focus on your recovery. I will:

  • Gather evidence and speak to witnesses. In order to negotiate with the insurance company and get a fair and just result, you will need to present facts about how the crash occurred. I will gather these facts for you and use them to support your claim.
  • Get police reports and medical records. The insurance company will want to see documentation of the crash and your injuries. While you can request these documents yourself, Clifton Law Office will take care of it. One less thing for you to worry about.
  • Communicate with the insurance company. As soon as you hire Clifton Law Office, you can stop communicating with the insurance company and direct them to me. Their goal is to confuse and pressure you into accepting a settlement that is lower than what you deserve. Clifton Law Office will not allow that to happen.
  • Get your bills paid. As you recover and wait for settlement money, you will have medical bills to pay. Clifton Law Office can work with the hospital and your insurance policies to take care of your bills.

If You Have Questions About a Car Accident or Any Other Injury You Suffered

Please contact Clifton Law Office, you can reach me at my contact page online or call me directly at 904-209-4883. 

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