4 Simple Steps for You to Help In Your Personal Injury Case

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After you find your attorney, or even while your looking for one, your help in your own case is a tremedous benefit. Listening and following the adivce of your attorney and your doctors is esssential to you being fairly compensated. 

Below are a few things you can do to help your personal injury attorney and be an asset in reaching successful outcome.

Medical Information:

It is essential your attorney has all medical records in your case. Your attorney will need an accurate list of all doctors, hospitals, and any other medical facilities that you have treated with. In addition, advise your attorney of any of the following:

  • Release from doctor's care
  • Change of doctor
  • Treating with new doctor
  • Change of your medical condition
  • Subsequent injuries


If you have suffered a loss of earning from injuries associated with your lawsuit, if possible,  provide your attorney with a copy of all tax records that would show a loss of earnings. In addition, advise of any change of employment, position or pay.

Change of Address or Telephone:

Advise your attorney immediately of any change of address or telephone number.

Danger of Social Media:

Lastly, stay off social media. I understand this can be very difficult for some people, almost like asking them not to breath, but even the most innocent post or picture can be distorted by a defense attorney to be used against you. You have to understand that they will be looking at everything in your life and searching for anything to use against you. Best practice is to not give them anything and stay off social media. 

If You Have Questions About An Injury You Suffered

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