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Doug Clifton

Doug Clifton

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My interest in the law started early. Not only was my dad an attorney, but I was involved in a lawsuit when I was nine years old that piqued my interest in the legal process. Unfortunately, the lawsuit arose out of a terrible accident that left me partially blind. Enjoying my 9th birthday at the golf course with family and friends, I was hit in the eye by a golf ball that was thrown by a golf course employee. My family sued the golf course for damages, and as difficult as the accident and my injury were, I was fascinated by the process of giving a deposition and all the back-and-forth with the lawyers. We eventually settled on the eve of trial, but I was hooked! Even now, as I listen to the stories told by my clients, I think about what my family went through and I commit myself to securing the best possible outcome for them.

My Background

One of my first jobs as an attorney was with a law firm that represented insurance companies in workers’ comp cases. While representing the big guy against injured workers didn’t sit well with me, my time there gave me valuable insight into the injury claim process from the other side. To this day, that experience helps me fight for my clients when they are injured.

I also spent many years in criminal law, including several years as a public defender. As a criminal defense attorney, I not only gained valuable trial experience, but I learned to focus on my clients as individuals. I found that the better I knew my clients and their families, the better able I was to help them understand their legal options. After 10 years as an attorney, I have decided to expand my practice to include more personal injury cases.

What I Do Now

I have started my own firm to expand into personal injury law. I am committed to helping victims understand their rights and their options for recovery and guiding them through an often overwhelming system. I am completely at home in court and will never hesitate to take a claim to trial when my clients are not getting what they deserve from the at-fault party. 

A Little Bit More About Me

Originally from Pennsylvania, my wife and I have called the Jacksonville area home since 2004. I spend my time away from work enjoying the beaches, outdoor activities, and everything else Jacksonville has to offer with my wife and our two young children. A proud past participant in Jacksonville’s DONNA Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer, I now enjoy running when I have the time. I am dedicated to serving the people of the Jacksonville area and look forward to hearing from you.